The Lazarus Project

Man has reached for the stars, and beyond, but the ultimate achievement still eludes him. Now, within a geodesic dome located on a distant world, a small group of scientists have made their first strides in reaching this goal: conquering death.

The Lazarus Project is a prose-based, social roleplaying game, with elements of plotter-oriented storytelling and automated game missions. Taking the role of a newly grown citizen, players can seek out proper employment, become involved in scientific experiments or research, undertake exploration in the gameworld, or enjoy social roleplaying with other online players.

The Lazarus Project is in beta release and is currently free to play.

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Dry Gulch


Take the role of Tom McAllister, a former Pinkerton agent, as you travel to a near-desolated mining town in search of your brother. Visit the local saloon, interact with townsfolk, and look for clues, as you investigate a mystery while trying to stay alive yourself -- and don't forget to bring along your six-shooter!

Using a mix of text and graphics, players can move about freely to different locations,  talk to various characters, and make decisions through a simple menu system.
This interactive story features an easy-to-use interface, photorealistic graphics, and sound effects.

Free demo   --  Purchase price: $7.99

Available for Palm (Color, Grayscale and OS5), Pocket PC and Windows PC

Screenshots -   Windows PC, Pocket PC, Palm Color

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Jurassic Adventure

Journey back in time to the land of the dinosaurs, in this adventure from Interactive E Books. Utilizing a mouse (or stylus) driven command system, this game is similar to a text adventure, but it requires no typing.  Features include colorful graphics and sound effects.

Free demo -- Purchase price: $5.99

Available for Palm (Color and OS5), Pocket PC and Windows PC

Screenshots - Windows PC,  Pocket PC, Palm Color

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The Murderer


The Murderer is a graphical adventure game set in 'turn of the century' England. In this interactive short story you are blamed for a murder you did not commit, and must both evade your captors and find the true killer. This game features a point and click interface, voice acting and sound effects.



Download (Windows 95/98/ME/XP):  


The Hollywood Murders


This text adventure puts you into the shoes of a hardboiled 1950's private eye. You are about to begin a case that will either bring you a nice fat paycheck... or death. Features photorealistic graphics, sound effects, and an Infocom-style parser.


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Walkthrough (courtesy of The Good Old Days)
Download (Windows 95/98/ME/XP):

Freeware version 1.5

Dames are Trouble

Delve into the shady world of a hard-knuckled P.I., where danger lurks around the next corner and every alley has its tale. This snack-sized game is playable in a single sitting, reminiscent of a 'Choose your own Adventure' story. 

Download (Windows 95/98/ME/XP):

Freeware Version 2.2

Download (Pocket PC/Palm):

Freeware Version 1.0


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